Since we started in 2010, it has been deeply rewarding to see so many of our students succeed in improving their scores.  We often receive ecstatic emails and text messages from former students who just got into their dream school, and parents reporting substantial improvements in their student’s academic grades.  We hope you take a moment to read through the recommendations listed below.

“These guys are incredible. I was wholly impressed when I watched their presentation at the Lovett School. If you are looking for real tutors—the best of the best—these are your guys.”
— Mark Leandler, Atlanta Business Chronicle
A perfect score! Wow! Thank you so much Emma and Kevin, our son loved working with you.
— Judith Ostrow, Parent of Westminster 11th Grader
The instruction was exceptional. Our best experience with any test prep company by far. Efficient and enjoyable.
— Fred Assaf, Headmaster, Pace Academy
We have gotten nothing but rave reviews about Alexander Academy classes. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them this year!
— Erin McCubbin, Director of College Counseling, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School
Our students love Matt and Kevin. Each year, we have juniors signing up in droves to take their classes at Georgia Tech.
— Wade Boggs, Former College Counselor at Westminster School
We loved working with Alexander Academy. Our son’s tutor, John [Eng], was a great fit, and [our son] actually looked forward to each session. PSAT scores exceeded expectations, wow!
— Dawn Shipp, Parent of Woodward 11th grader
We’ve been through using a prep class for the SAT in the past and this was far and away the best experience… the teaching style, how the material was presented and small class size made it incredibly useful and beneficial to my daughter.
— Joanie Lopez, Parent of Westminster 11th Grader
[Our son] just got into Dartmouth! Thank you so much to Erica, Josh and Matt for all the hours of tutoring and invaluable help you provided.
— Dr. Heather Whitney, Parent of Mount Vernon 11th Grader
Our son loved working with Josh [Vijayam] last semester. We are thrilled with his improvement on the ACT. Thank you.
— Ann Woodruff, Parent of Pace Academy 11th grader
We recommend Alexander Academy highly! Their teachers are smart and professional and seem to really care about the students on an individual level. We had a great experience.
— Hope Arbery, Parent of Westminster 11th grader
Erica [Shin] was the perfect fit for our daughter. She made the whole process easy and had a major impact on [our daughter’s] confidence in math.
— Kista Frank, Parent of Westminster 11th grader
These guys “get it”, and likewise, from our experience, their students “get it” as well. Our daughter was well-prepared and confident, and is more excited than ever about college.
— Russell Harrell, Parent of Holy Innocents 11th Grader
[Our son] loved the class and felt that he benefitted tremendously.
— Denis Hofstader, Parent of Pace Academy 11th grader
Alexander Academy delivers! We were so pleased that our son raised his score and is now in the right range for his target schools. The teaching style, how the material was presented, and the small class sizes made it incredibly useful for (him).
— Elizabeth Stone, Parent of Lovett 11th grader
[My daughter] just got into to Vanderbilt. She felt very confident and prepared going into her tests thanks to you. She actually looked forward to every session without any encouragement from me.
— Lorri Loanaitis, Parent of Lovett 11th Grader
Alexander Academy has made such a difference for [our son]. He had a major leap in his score after taking the SAT class and more importantly found great role models in Matt and Kevin. Kevin also tutored our son for the SAT II Subject Tests, which made a big difference. Thank you so much!
— Julie Barringer, Parent of AIS 11th Grader
My daughter increased her score by 215 points. We are thrilled.
— Lynn LeBreton, Parent of Westminster 11th Grader
Alexander Academy was the perfect fit for our son.
— Jayne Ann and Clay Milling, Parents of HIES 10th grader
My son had a terrific experience. The classes were fun and interesting but rigorous at the same time. Mat has become an excellent mentor for my son as he takes a personal interest in the students he coaches. We could not be happier with our choice!
— Anandhi Bharadwaj, Parent of Westminster 11th Grader
Presented in a fun, concise manner… [my daughter] gained so much confidence in her test-taking abilities.
— Jennifer Culley, Parent of AIS 10th Grader
I can’t express enough my happiness with the ACT tutoring at Mount Vernon provided by Kevin Lawkins and his team. The detail that he provided to [my daughter] really helped prepare her for the test. He gave homework, practice ACTs and even went out of his way to come over to our home to help Emily one on one with math – which was huge to Emily since she struggles in this area. She felt completely at ease and hopefully made great strides compared to her comparison test. We have even hired Kevin to tutor Emily one on one as she prepares to take the ACT again in December. It was a great opportunity and I appreciate MV bringing them to our school.
— Susie Lane, Parent of MVPS 11th grader
My daughter felt very confident and ready for the SAT. Matt and Kevin gave her lots of individual attention – they even came to our house for individual tutoring sessions.
— John Schramm, Parent of Westminster 11th grader
Alexander Academy was exactly what we needed. With Matt and Kevin, [my son] found the motivation to put in the work and get his score to where he wanted it.
— Julia Woodward, Parent of HIES 12th grader
We’ve tried Princeton Review and Applerouth with our older children, but after our experience with Alexander Academy, we wish we had used them from the beginning. The instruction is on another level. Class was more enjoyable, there was more individual attention, and my son actually felt like he learned something. It’s the first time [our son] has looked forward to lessons.
— Betsy Bainton, Parent of Pace 11th grader
Sahil and Matt did a great job of working with each member of the class and conducted themselves in a very professional and conscientious manner. [My son] is much more prepared to score well on the test than he would have been with little or no formal instruction. I was especially pleased with how Kevin worked around some difficult holiday and school event schedules to make sure the full value of the class was offered to each student and that the instruction was complete. [My son] takes the test in December because of an MVPS event conflict with the October test date, but I’m sure he’ll do much better with this instruction.
— Ross Dalton, Parent of MVPS 11th grader
[My son] has really enjoyed working with you guys. He felt very well prepared for the SAT, and we are looking forward to seeing his most recent scores. He said that after taking the course, the test felt easy. Thanks for all your help!
— Anne Bean, Parent of Westminster 11th grader
Matt and Kevin were a great fit for [my daughter]. Matt even took the time to meet with her one-on-one outside of class to work on her weak areas. They helped her become very familiar with the test, and we are confident that her scores will come up as a result.
— Cecelia Gil, Parent of AIS 11th grader
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Matt and Kevin for doing such a great job with both of our daughters. The loved your ACT class!!
— Pandora Sheridan, Parent of Westminster 11th Grader
I think the most important thing you did for her was to teach her study skills. She’s actually shown improvement in several of her classes at school since last year, and brought her score up a second time on the January test after your help with the November one. Thank you!
— Ann Coe, Parent of HIES 11th grader
Matt and Kevin make SAT prep an enjoyable experience. My son’s test-taking ability improved dramatically.
— Cheryl Shuler, Parent of Westminster 11th grader
It’s rare to find teachers that can really connect with high schoolers. You guys really get it! [My son] was looking forward to each class.
— Jennifer Moore, Parent of Pace 11th grader
After a few underwhelming experiences with other programs, Alexander Academy was like a breath of fresh air. Matt and Kevin have it right – my son made huge gains and had fun doing it.
— Elise Meadows, Parent of Westminster 11th grader
Kevin and Matt have a unique ability to provide entertaining yet substantive guidance. After taking their class, my son brought his score up over 200 points.
— Reta Peery, Parent of Pace 11th grader
Hands down the best test prep experience we’ve had. I recommend Alexander Academy to everyone.”
— Andrea Vaughn, Parent of AIS 11th grader
Matt and Kevin were so helpful to my daughter. They stayed after every class to answer her questions and even came to our house for additional one-on-one sessions. They gave her great information, but also motivation to put in extra work on her own.
— Daphne Williams, Parent of Westminster 11th grader
[My daughter] had a great time in class. You guys really know how to make learning fun.
— Rebecca Long, Parent of Westminster 10th grader
The private tutoring from Alexander Academy has yielded a 6 point increase in my son’s ACT score. The tutors know how to connect and work with teens to produce results while accommodating the teen’s busy schedules.
— Lisa McGuire, Parent of MVPS 11th grader
I very much appreciated Alexander Academy’s willingness to schedule individual math tutoring sessions to assist my daughter in her preparations for the ACT test this past April. It was great to get them done during study hall periods, and she felt the time spent helped her performance on the math section of the test. Thanks again for your help! [My daughter] really enjoyed the study sessions with you!
— Jack Winters, Parent of MVPS 11th grader
Rather than dread going to ACT prep classes every Sunday, my son actually liked the classes with Matt and Kevin! They were approachable and encouraging, and they provided strategies that helped my son increase his overall ACT score by several points. He told my younger son that he should definitely use Alexander Academy when it is time for him to take the ACT and SAT. That is a ringing endorsement!”
— Audrey Schewe, Parent of Lovett 11th grader
Alexander Academy took the time to understand my daughter’s tutoring needs, and they sent just the right person to our home to prepare her for the ACT. Thank you Matt and Kevin!
— Linda McIver, Parent of Marist 11th grader