Fall 2019 Classes

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Alexander Academy classes typically meet for 15 weeks.  Classes meet either Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons and are each taught by two members of our teaching staff. Classes cover all sections of the SAT & ACT and combine teacher presentations with exercises, drills, and interactive games designed to reinforce the material. We believe that a great classroom environment is crucial for success. Our classes are not only effective, but fun, providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for students to learn.



Each class is bookended by two mock tests.  These tests are crucial to our individual assessment of each student, allowing us to estimate scores and create full breakdowns of students’ strong and weak areas.
For students not enrolled in tutoring or classes, our diagnostic test offers a shorter version that can still be helpful.

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Alexander Academy is the only company in Atlanta to place two teachers in every classroom.  A 5:1 student/teacher ratio means no unanswered questions.  Having two teachers in the classroom allows us the flexibility to cater to students of differing ability levels, attend to individual questions without stopping class flow, and split up class for small-group sessions.  By contrast, most programs in Atlanta have a 15:1 student/teacher ratio.



Classes are taught in rm. 325 of the beautiful CULC library at Georgia Tech, located at 50 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30305.

Tuition for the class is $1,250.


Our curriculum is comprehensive, covering the math and verbal sections of both tests. As we review each topic, we teach students to “categorize” test questions, recognizing them by type.  Because Grammar questions are designed to be tricky, utilizing common speech errors, we emphasize a fundamental shift from a “sounds right” approach to a more systematic one, based solely on Grammar rules. To develop their Reading skills, students practice both timed speed-reading drills and untimed comprehension exercises in class.  These speed-reading drills, in particular, have had a major impact with our students, well beyond the test.  

Math, which can be a real sticking point for some students, is perhaps the area we spend the most time on, with our focus on helping students to break down problems and build their reasoning skills.  For the math section, there are also important shortcuts that can help students save valuable time.


Students can expect short homework assignments throughout the week. Designed to fit into a student’s busy schedule, these assignments help our teachers track progress and understanding from week to week.