Math Answer of the Week

Let’s look at the solution to last week’s SAT Math problem: 

If 9 > 4x + 1, which inequality represents the possible range of values of 12x + 3?

  1. 12x + 3 > 17
  2. 12x + 3 < 17
  3. 12x + 3 > 27
  4. 12x + 3 < 27

The correct answer is D.

While you can solve for x, then plug in the value to determine the expression for 12x + 3 (as shown below), there is a quicker solution! Multiplying 3 on both sides of the given equation is 3*(4x + 1) < 3*(9) = 12x + 3 < 27, which is D.

Note: C was the trick answer here–whichever order the inequality is written, 27 will still be the larger value.

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