Sid's Advice for Students Preparing for the SAT and ACT

We asked one of our top teachers the 3 questions US News and World Report suggests asking former test takers. Here are his responses!

  1. What most surprised you about the ACT or SAT?

    “What always surprised me most about the SAT was how much slower I went through questions on test day. The fear of making mistakes on the real test forced me to go through the questions meticulously. To account for this, I practiced by giving myself less time for each section.”

  2. If you were to retake the ACT or SAT now, what would you change about your test prep plan?

    “If I were to retake the SAT, I would focus more attention on the Reading section. I would spend more time working on a strategy for highlight the main ideas of each paragraph in a passage.”

  3. What one study technique was most effective for you?

    “The most effective technique for me was taking full length tests and then reviewing my mistakes. After I found areas I struggled with, I would do individual practice problems”

Sid is a rising 4th year in Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. He spent this summer studying abroad in Galway, Ireland. Thank you so much for your answers, Sid!

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