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A New York City SAT tutor shares his best advice for students freaking out: 'Make it boring'

The SAT and ACT are some of the most high-stakes tests a high-school student can take. So it's understandable why many students experience anxiety surrounding the exams.

Still, freaking out while taking a test isn't ideal, since it normally means you lose some focus and risk hurting your score...

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By Abby Jackson, Mar. 15, 2017


ACT announces July test date for 2018

Starting in 2018, ACT will begin offering students the opportunity to take the ACT test in July, increasing the number of national ACT test dates from six to seven.

“Students, educators and colleges have told us they would like to see an extra test date prior to early admission and application deadlines, and we have listened,” said ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe. “This additional test date will allow students to focus on their coursework while they are in school and prepare for the ACT test during the summer.”...

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By Nancy Griesmer, Feb. 22, 2017