About Us

Alexander Academy is an Atlanta-based tutoring company founded by Matthew Schuck and Kevin Lawkins.

Starting Small

Alexander Academy started in 2013 with just a single SAT class of 10 students. Since then, our company has grown each year, with more than 3,000 students enrolling in classes and tutoring. It has been amazing to watch the story unfold and deeply rewarding to see so many students improving their scores and getting into great colleges and universities. Today, Alexander Academy is consistently ranked among the best tutoring groups in the country, partnering with schools in Atlanta, Boston, and New York.

Our Tutors

Prospective families often ask— why Alexander Academy? Our answer, in a word, is our tutors! Our tutors, many of whom plan to become lifelong educators, come from some of the best schools in the country and are a truly remarkable group of young people. It’s the quality of this staff—perhaps more than anything else—that we feel sets us apart from other companies.

You can also find more about our award-winning SAT and ACT curriculum, our results with SATs, ACTs, and AP Exams, and our approach to academic tutoring, by clicking on the respective links.

Your Student

Tutors can help students not only by working through problems but also by encouraging them to think about their futures, what lies beyond the high school experience, and set real goals in order to get there. Whether your student has always struggled with testing or is aiming for a perfect score, a great tutoring experience can inspire and motivate, and profoundly impact the academic trajectory.

At Alexander Academy we take the time to learn about each individual student and carefully match them with an educator who suits their personality and academic needs. We look forward to hearing about your student and helping to make their goals a reality!

"We’ve had a great experience with Alexander Academy— our students love working with them and have benefitted immensely!"

Fred Assaf
Headmaster, Pace Academy